Thursday 27 August 2015

#SoTM: Shelter

Met up with a long time friend, Chester (MusicPhotoLife), last month and he took some pictures of rusty ol' me (I haven't done a shoot since 2012) and I'm glad the pictures turned out pretty okay! Thank you for the lovely pictures, Chester! :D

I've come to realise that 2009 was a pretty significant year. I've been meeting up with friends I've made in 2009, or was supposed to meet up in 2009. Looking back at some old emails/message, I had turned down/ignored some jobs that could have potentially changed my life. But I guess, there's a time and place for things to happen. If it's meant to be, it will find its way into your life, some way, somehow. 

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Unknown said...

Indeed, it is often convenient to look back and wonder how things could turn out differently. But I always tell myself that I would never want to re-live my life again. Every moment of our lives could potentially change our future, and sometimes it can be very tiring to make hard decisions.