Saturday 9 August 2014

#LameJokeofTheDay: The Bao Story

My friend told me this joke and I thought I'll share it because I actually found it quite funny! (Searching for the pictures made me really hungry.)

Part 1:

Char Siew Bao and Man Tou went to watch a movie. Why did Char Siew Bao cry?

Char Siew Bao:


Man Tou:


Answer: Because Man Tao has no fillings (feelings).

Part 2:

Char Siew Bao and Da Bao went to watch a movie. Why did Da Bao cry more?

Da Bao:


Answer: Because Da Bao has more fillings (feelings).

Part 3:

Char Siew Bao and Liu Sha Bao went to watch a movie. Why did Liu Sha Bao cry alone?

Liu Sha Bao:


Answer: Because Char Siew Bao has watched the movie 3 times.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

There's one more:
Char Siew Bao brough Mrs and little Chr Siew Bao to watch the movie. On the way back, little CSB was ran over by a car. Mr CSB turned to Mrs CSB and gave her a slap. Why?

Coz what flowed out was Liu Sha