Sunday 21 February 2016

#Random Thoughts: It's My Birthday!

Well, not really. It was my birthday last week. I took the day off (my first off since joining, finally) to catch up on my sleep, relax and doll up for the evening. 

I had a better birthday this year as compared to last year; hopefully that's a sign of better things to come! Looking back, last year was pretty shit, no matter how positive I had tried to be. My vday and birthday was pretty crappy. I had hoped for a birthday greeting that came too late, too insincere. 

I know, I know, I think of the past too much. But hey, that's how we learn from our mistakes right?

Thank you to my besties who made my birthday super meaningful this year. One who spent the night having a birthday drink with me and stopping me from walking out on the road at the wrong time few minutes before midnight, another who sent a Hello Kitty card all the way from her Russia trip, one who gave me lip treatments to make sure my lips are super kissable and finally, one who offered to spend my birthday with me last year (just so I wasn't spending it alone but I had prior plans) and finally got to take me out for dinner this year! It's not quite a Disney moment yet but I'm glad you're learning fast! All in all, it has been a great birthday. Thank you everyone. Namaste. 

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